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Doors with a thickness of 68 mm are made of steel sheet covered with decorative foil with a structure and colour of wood resistant to UV radiation. The door filling is made of hard foam polystyrene.
The SOLID 68 collection can be made in 3 variants:
– 2Z variant – doors equipped with 2 3-pin locks
– ZL variant – doors equipped with WINKHAUS multipoint lock
– ZLA variant – doors equipped with WINKHUAS multipoint lock with 1200 mm bolt
The doors are equipped with two independent seals around the entire circuit of the wing, frame and threshold. The doors are available in the colors: Polish golden oak (DL89), Polish dark walnut (DL30), anthracite (N76), white (A43)
Each model of the Solid 68 (with glazing) is available in 3 variants:
Variant with two locks (2Z)
Variant with WINKHAUS hook lock (ZL)
Variant with WINKHAUS + BOLT (ZLA) hook lock